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Brew City Beer Gear, Inc. is a family business, created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, circa 1986. They had no idea what they were doing until they realized that they were pretty bad at everything. They then realized that they could think up ideas that made people mad. Finding limited success, they kept doing that over and over. Later on, they settled on just making people laugh. No one at Brew City Beer Gear, Inc. can describe quite what they do.

A graduate of Layton School of Art and Design and President of Brew City Beer Gear, Inc., Rick Keppler single-handedly turned a good idea into a crazy business, by forcing his sons to earn their own college money. Now look what happened, they had to go buy all those self-help books on how to run a family business without suing each other for who came up with the best t-shirt idea.
Beatrice Keppler is a retired MPS teacher, who had 40 years of service. What does that mean? 1. Don't ask her to co-sign any major ventures. 2. Any idea she hates will be a big, big seller. 3. Ask her first regarding any air-conditioning investments. She also created all the vintictive portraits of the family shareholders. If anything goes wrong, she will buy you a buttered popcorn.
George Keppler graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Photography. He then started to meet people that he could sell things to, which made him his older brothers boss, creating serious family problems for years to come. His newfound power allows him to swear and drink beer during working hours. Don't touch his phone. He is the new Rick.
Frank Keppler got a degree in Music Composition from UW-Madison, then began publishing his fiction and poetry. Just at the poverty line, his dad forced him to quit all his jobs and sell t-shirts. Now he drives everyone crazy with intricate scientific details regarding the discourse on apparel graphics.

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